Six students developing innovative projects with AI, including Wizard Chess and Robot Bikes

Students Engaging with AI to Innovate: Wizard Chess, Robot Bikes, and More

Despite concerns about cheating, young students, some as young as 15, are utilizing ChatGPT and similar tools for problem-solving and enjoyment.

By Nick Williams
February 25, 2024

Despite worries about students exploiting AI for cheating, a recent TechCrunch article revealed that ChatGPT and similar tools are gaining popularity among the youth. A recent survey unveiled that many educators are reconsidering their teaching approaches due to AI concerns.

However, a select group of students views AI differently; they are leveraging technology to shape their educational path. While educators seek ways to combat AI’s negative impact in classrooms, these students are actively embracing AI, dedicating hours to creating tools that could kickstart their professional journeys.

Recently, a study by ACT revealed that a significant number of high school students, including those preparing for college exams, are utilizing AI tools, with ChatGPT being a common choice for academic tasks.

The 74 sought out young minds immersing themselves in AI, unearthing a group of students, some as young as 15, who are delving deeply into AI research and development right from high school.

These students, numbering six, demonstrate a profound understanding of AI beyond their years, engaging with the technology in innovative ways that were once inconceivable. Their diverse backgrounds, including immigrant and first-generation experiences, play a vital role in their AI exploration.

From programming autonomous bicycles to creating postpartum depression apps and Harry Potter-inspired chess boards, these students are pushing boundaries and delivering impactful solutions through AI.

The resounding message conveyed by all these young innovators is clear: Embrace AI, don’t fear it.

Isabela Ferrer

Age 17

Hometown Bogota, Colombia

School MAST Academy, Miami, Fla.

Current Project: Isabela Ferrer, a 17-year-old junior at MAST Academy, is designing an AI tool to assist abandoned and abused children in Colombia, aiding them in learning Spanish literacy skills.

Ferrer envisions expanding the tool to incorporate AI voice recognition for identifying signs of trauma in children’s voices, demonstrating her commitment to enhancing educational support.

Post-graduation, Ferrer intends to explore the Colombian startup ecosystem, emphasizing her global perspective on utilizing AI for social impact.

Misconceptions about AI: Ferrer emphasizes the accessibility of AI, underscoring its potential for diverse applications far beyond conventional uses. She advocates for leveraging AI to address tangible societal challenges and bridge existing gaps.

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