New Administrators’ Entry Plan

After years of diligent preparation for a school leadership role—participating in faculty committees, balancing graduate school with teaching duties, envisioning yourself at the helm of a school—you receive the long-awaited news: “We want you to be our next principal.” This moment is met with a surge of achievement followed by the lingering question, “What now?” This sensation, often labeled as imposter syndrome by psychologists, reflects a doubt in one’s own qualifications for the position.

For new school leaders grappling with imposter syndrome, one effective remedy involves crafting an entry plan, a strategic guide for assimilating into the school’s environment, understanding its challenges, and engaging with key stakeholders during the critical initial months. This plan revolves around two fundamental pillars: acquiring knowledge about the school’s curriculum, teaching methods, historical background, and operational procedures, and cultivating relationships, as emphasized by Simon Sinek’s assertion that “leadership is a team endeavor.”