National STEM Festival Showcases 150 Student Inventions

Growing up with a cousin who is deaf, Utah high school student Alex Antonio Hernandez Juarez observed the challenges she faced in performing routine tasks at school and other locations that were not always prepared to accommodate her needs.

Inspired by his cousin’s struggles, Juarez created a tool to assist the deaf community—a device that utilizes a camera to translate sign language into written and spoken forms.

Through the inaugural National STEM Festival on April 13, Alex Antonio Hernandez Juarez will be among 150 student innovators showcasing their inventions and research projects aimed at addressing critical global issues.

The festival will feature student innovators from various national competitions, including the National STEM Challenge organized by EXPLR, where over 2,500 students in grades 6-12 conceived and submitted STEM projects across six categories.

“All these children are remarkable and have remarkable projects, making it an extraordinary event,” remarked Kari Byron, co-founder of EXPLR and festival director.

The festival was conceived following a conversation between Byron and U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona, evolving from the White House Science Fair hosted by Byron during the Obama administration.

Jenny Buccos, co-founder and CEO of EXPLR, highlighted the festival as an opportunity for educators to gain insights into students’ interests and innovative learning experiences beyond traditional classrooms.

Juarez, aged 17, is enthusiastic about presenting projects aligned with his passions and promoting awareness about hearing-impaired individuals.

The festival provides a platform for the public to engage with students and explore their inventions through virtual and in-person events in Washington, DC.

Attendees can expect to meet and interact with brilliant young minds striving to address contemporary challenges and offering hope for the future through their innovative solutions.

Registration is required for the National STEM Festival this Saturday to participate in the inspiring and forward-thinking events featuring some of the brightest young talents in the nation.

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