Millennials Boost Learning Through Music-Infused Education

Extensive research suggests the advantages of movement and activity in the classroom. When combined with collaborative tasks, they can serve as a powerful tool for learning. At Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School in Gatineau, Quebec, teacher Fiona Medley utilizes a playful approach to engage students: she allows them to roam and engage in conversations while listening to music. While traditional reading and writing exercises are also utilized to enhance language skills, Medley relies on music, movement, and other forms of artistic integration to teach vocabulary, story structure, and active listening. As a result, students feel inspired, creative, and more attentive when it’s time to write.

To learn more about the research supporting the practices showcased in the video, check out the following links:

The American Academy of Pediatrics’ 2018 report on the impact of play on the development of young children

Kayleigh Skene, Christine M. O’Farrelly, Elizabeth M. Byrne, Natalie Kirby, Eloise C. Stevens, and Paul G. Ramchandani’s 2022 meta-analysis and review on the role of guidance during play in enhancing children’s learning and development in educational settings

Rachel Parker, Bo Stjerne Thomsen, and Amy Berry’s 2022 article on the effectiveness of play-based learning in schools

Luca Petrigna et al.’s 2022 study investigating the impact of physical activity in lessons on academic achievement

Lukas Mundelsee and Susanne Jurkowski’s 2021 research on the effects of collaboration on participation for all students

Suzanne F. Lindt and Stacia C. Miller’s 2017 article exploring strategies for integrating movement into elementary school learning

Ella Shoval and Boaz Shulruf’s 2011 research on the benefits of combining cooperative learning with movement and activity

The Milling to Music partner-based discussion activity was developed by educator Jeanne Gibbs.

Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School

Public, Urban
Grades K-6
Gatineau, QC

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