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Looking at the last week, my intention was to report swiftly on the FCC’s recent cyber security grants for schools and libraries. This innovative initiative allocates $200 million toward upgrading to next-generation firewalls and other cybersecurity tools.

However, a strange turn of events ensued.

During my research, I stumbled upon a new listing on a notorious dark web marketplace — akin to an illicit Amazon of stolen data — advertising millions of purportedly stolen files from the Los Angeles Unified School District for merely a thousand dollars.

LAUSD officials confirmed they are actively investigating the anonymous threat actor’s assertions, while a threat intelligence executive emphasized the necessity for the district to execute a comprehensive incident response to validate the authenticity of the files.

Or their novelty.

There’s no sense of déjà vu here: America’s second-largest school district was previously targeted by a significant ransomware attack in 2022, resulting in the exposure of numerous students’ mental health records and other confidential documents on the dark web. It is plausible that the LAUSD data has been repackaged with the same information to generate quick profits.

Explore more details about the recent LAUSD incident and the FCC’s fresh attempt to combat similar cyberattacks nationwide.

Recent Developments

In Florida today, construction crews are scheduled to raze the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School building, where 17 individuals lost their lives during a rampage in 2018. | The Associated Press

Families of the 17 children killed in the 2022 school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, have filed lawsuits against state law enforcement officers who delayed 77 minutes before engaging the assailant at Robb Elementary School. | The Texas Tribune

Exclusive Feature: By delving into a vast dataset of emergency call data pertaining to 852 California school locations, journalists provide unparalleled insights into the prevalence of police presence in schools. A third of these calls were related to severe incidents necessitating police intervention. | EdSource

New regulations in New York have been approved to prohibit social media platforms from employing “addictive” algorithms to curate children’s content feeds. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of these regulations. | Democrat & Chronicle

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Swift Justice: A Washington resident has been sentenced to a three-year prison term for fabricating false police reports in over 20 states, leading to unwarranted panic of school shootings, lockdowns, and extensive law enforcement responses. | The News Tribune

Starting with book bans, Florida now faces bans on books discussing book bans. | The Washington Post

An initiative in Illinois aimed at assisting low-income families in covering funeral expenses for children tragically killed by firearms was envisioned to alleviate emotional and financial burdens. However, only two families have received compensation within a year. | The Trace

Putting Profits First: A Senate committee report contends that residential treatment providers offering behavioral health services have endangered children by exposing them to sexual abuse and hazardous physical restraints. | NBC News

From Matrimony to Math Class: Legislation in Missouri to bar individuals under 18 from marrying failed to pass, leaving the state’s minimum marriage age unaltered at 16. | The Kansas City Star

A school district in Tennessee, where authorities neglected to curb pervasive racist bullying directed at a Black student, will revamp its anti-harassment protocols following a settlement agreement with the Justice Department. Federal investigators revealed instances where the student was demeaned by classmates through racist imagery and derogatory actions. | The Washington Post

New York City schools may soon be equipped with “vape sensors” in restrooms as part of a settlement with tobacco giant Juul, channeling $27 million to combat adolescent vaping in the city. | Chalkbeat

Exploration & Advocacy

‘New Jim Code’: A recently published report asserts that federal authorities have inadequately addressed the civil rights repercussions of artificial intelligence usage in schools on students of color. | The Center for Law and Social Policy

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DACA recipients are more inclined to seek assistance from law enforcement than migrants lacking deportation protection, indicating that the program enhances police engagement and diminishes fear among crime victims. | Journal of Urban Economics

DACA recipients are more likely than migrants without deportation protections to request police intervention, indicating increased involvement with law enforcement and decreased fear among crime victims. | Journal of Urban Economics

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