Governor Mills Allocates Nearly $1 Million in Grants to Strengthen Maine’s Teacher Workforce

Six educational institutions in Maine will be awarded a total of almost $1 million in state grants for their educator apprenticeship programs.

This funding is part of the Maine Jobs and Recovery plan and reflects the efforts of Governor Janet Mills’ administration to bridge the gap between employers and a skilled workforce, as stated in a news release from the Maine Department of Labor. Educator apprenticeship programs already exist within the state; however, this new grant aims to expand the program by training 200 new and current teachers.

Additionally, these programs intend to establish pathways for traditionally underrepresented groups in Maine’s teaching profession, such as individuals of color, those with disabilities, and multilingual educators.

During a virtual press conference on Monday afternoon, Samantha Dina, the Director of Special Projects for the Maine Department of Labor, revealed the six schools that will receive funding to implement apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs. The six schools are:

– Brunswick School Department – $105,000
– MSAD 1 / RSU #79 – $75,000
– RSU #34 – $249,000
– Portland Public Schools – $250,000
– University of Maine Farmington – $144,000
– University of Southern Maine – $162,000

This initiative builds upon the over $12 million previously awarded by the Mills administration in 2022 to significantly increase the number of apprenticeships available statewide.

Furthermore, the Maine Department of Education has launched a national advertising campaign to encourage individuals to teach in Maine. This campaign is funded by federal emergency relief funds.

The campaign’s website provides access to over 850 education job openings throughout the state, encompassing various levels of education from early childhood to postsecondary.

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