Exploring the Advantages of Video Game Play

Thirteen-year-old Willis Gibson recently achieved a groundbreaking feat in gaming. On December 21, he became the pioneer in conquering the Nintendo game Tetris — over three decades after the game’s debut. Tetris, which lacks an official ending, glitched and crashed due to Gibson’s advanced level of play.

Previously, only artificial intelligence had accomplished this Tetris feat. Clever computer software has been surpassing human experts in various video and board games.

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Gibson spends about 20 hours per week playing Tetris, competing under the name Blue Scuti. Although this may seem like a lot of time, it is not significantly more than many children spend on video games. According to a 2020 poll, approximately 40 percent of teenage boys and 20 percent of teenage girls in the United States play video games every day. Among daily players, about half of them reportedly spend three or more hours playing each day.

This amount of screen time raises concerns among many adults, as prolonged sitting has been associated with physical and mental health issues. However, several studies have suggested that gaming may have potential benefits as well.

Video games often require quick problem-solving and focused attention. Therefore, it is not surprising that young gamers outperform non-gamers in certain memory and attention tests. Other research has demonstrated that playing video games in groups can enhance communication skills and the ability to adapt to new situations among young people.

This does not imply that gaming is a healthy choice for everyone all the time. Nevertheless, some experts believe that moderate virtual game play can help individuals develop real-world skills.

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Playing video games may enhance memory and attention. A study involving over 2,000 children reveals positive changes in their brain function and behavior. (1/2/2023) Readability: 6.3

Video games enhance life skills. Playing games in a group strengthens abilities like communication and resourcefulness. (9/27/2017) Readability: 7.9

Science helps children excel in math. Video games can assist students in grasping abstract math concepts taught in subjects like geometry. (5/20/2019) Readability: 6.7

Video games have long been utilized in scientific research.

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Interested in trying the puzzle game that Gibson recently mastered? Play Tetris online!

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