Creating Solutions to Promote Equity in Health Care

As a young girl raised in the Boston suburbs, Daisy Wang, a senior at MIT, found herself immersed in the world of competitive artistic swimming, spending her free moments gracefully moving underwater with her team.

Reflecting on her experience, Wang shares, “It’s a harmonious feeling when you and your teammates act as a single entity in the water, coordinating movements and trusting each other during lifts and throws,” all from the comfort of her dorm room on the campus.

Transitioning from her aquatic passion to academics, Wang acknowledges the interconnectedness among individuals from her time in synchronized swimming. She now takes on a leadership role as a coach at Cambridge Synchro, a team she holds dear to her heart.

Pursuing a career in medicine, with a major in biological engineering and a minor in women’s and gender studies, Wang is driven by her desire to engineer solutions that address societal challenges and potentially bring about systemic change.

Distinctly different in her approach to studies, Wang notes the creative problem-solving demanded in biological engineering contrasted with the critical skill set required in women’s and gender studies, shaping her multifaceted perspective on societal issues.

Engaging in her women’s and gender studies courses, Wang emphasizes the practical application of the materials to real-life experiences, viewing the world through a gender framework rather than static text.

Exploring Societal Benefits

In the fall of 2023, Wang’s academic spheres converged in 20.380 (Biological Engineering Design), where she collaborated with a team of undergraduates to propose a system that could automatically detect opioid overdose in drug users and provide life-saving Narcan (naloxone HCI) treatment.

Highlighting the alarming statistics of opioid-related deaths in the U.S., Wang’s group aimed to develop a microneedle patch to detect and counteract overdoses, addressing the critical issue of self-administration during solitary incidents.

In her internship at the Health Equity Research Lab, Wang recognized the importance of making technological advancements accessible to underserved populations, emphasizing the need for practical implementation to address equity issues.

Determined to specialize in implementation science as a physician, Wang delves into both qualitative and quantitative data to enhance tools and interventions for mental health care, amplifying the impact on wider patient demographics.

Fostering Passion

Steering her efforts towards creating a positive campus culture, Wang leads PLEASURE@MIT as the operations chair, organizing workshops on topics like safe sex and self-love, showcasing her commitment to fostering inclusive relationships within the community.

Participating in fieldwork in Kenya with MIT D-Lab Gender and Development course, Wang collaborated on initiatives with the Society Empowerment Project to educate youth on reproductive health and support teen parents, witnessing the transformative power of shared passion and commitment.

Observing the interplay of dedication and collaboration during the project in Kenya, Wang realized the impact of collective enthusiasm in driving meaningful change and addressing critical societal issues, encompassing her overarching goal of advocating for patients as a future physician.

Maintaining a collaborative approach reminiscent of synchronized swimming, Wang stresses the importance of partnership and shared efforts in achieving collective goals, one step at a time.

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