5 Ways SheaMoisture Supports Black Businesses and Communities

SheaMoisture has introduced various programs to show their support for black Americans, minority businesses, and communities of color. These include the Social Justice Coalition, a $1 Million Fund, the Unsung Businesses Fund, the Black Business Relief Fund, and the Women of Color E-Lab.
The SheaMoisture $1M Relief Fund has been established to support the survival of businesses owned by minorities.
1. Social Justice Coalition
SheaMoisture has decided to allocate $100,000 towards supporting activists who are dedicated to promoting social change. This effort was initiated as a response to the widespread turmoil that occurred following the tragic death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man, at the hands of local law enforcement in Minneapolis.
SheaMoisture plans to distribute $20,000 to five activists through the Social Justice Coalition. The specific areas for investment will be determined based on community input regarding their preferred social justice causes. The activist partners will be chosen and revealed by July 3, 2020.
Individuals who have suggestions on how SheaMoisture can utilize the Social Justice Coalition for initiating transformation and implementing practical resolutions can provide their input by submitting a survey response at this location.
2. The $1Million Fund
SheaMoisture has recently introduced a $1 Million Fund to provide assistance to entrepreneurs of color and small businesses, following their well-established community commerce business approach.
The objective of the grant is to demonstrate the positive impact of small or black-owned businesses in enhancing communities, while also aiming to reduce the economic hardships caused by the ongoing global crisis.
This announcement is a significant one in the corporate world, as it focuses exclusively on providing financial support to business owners who are minorities and women of color.
In today’s world, the impact that corporations have on communities has become extremely important. SheaMoisture recognizes this and is excited to collaborate with partners and influencers as they introduce a series of planned projects that will be implemented with the help of their new fund.
3. Women of Color E-Lab
SheaMoisture has established the $1 Million Community Commerce Fund to develop an online learning platform for female entrepreneurs from ethnic backgrounds, ensuring they can acquire knowledge, resources, mentorship, and guidance to be better equipped for the economic challenges ahead.
Entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn and communicate with speakers from various organizations, such as Sundial Brands, Unilever, Dartmouth College Tuck School of Business, retail partners, and more. These speakers are actively developing resources to assist small businesses in handling present and future challenges. The e-lab provides a platform for entrepreneurs to engage with them and enhance their understanding.
It is anticipated that the e-hub will keep expanding as an educational online platform and receive regular updates with fresh content and guest series, even after the crucial months. Additionally, the e-hub will be accompanied by live chats on social media to foster further speaker interactions with the community.
SheaMoisture is offering a chance for funding to female entrepreneurs of color who are prepared to present their business recovery strategy after finishing the e-hub coursework. If interested, individuals can sign up online.
4. Unsung Businesses Fund
In order to start the initial $100,000 funding, the company has chosen to reward small businesses owned by minorities that have actively contributed to their communities during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This financial support is meant to commend these often overlooked businesses and assist them in their efforts to make a positive impact in the community throughout the crisis.
Women entrepreneurs and minority business owners of color, such as those in the restaurant, hospitality, grooming, and wellness sectors, are encouraged to submit their applications. This recognition is intended for individuals who possess the capacity to bring communities together through online platforms for positive impact or deliver products directly to customers either through physical visits or online commerce.
Conditions: Inform SheaMoisture about your business and explain how it contributes to a disadvantaged community. Candidates need to illustrate how they will utilize the grant to fund their own expenses and support others in need.
The Black Business Relief Fund provided by We Buy Black is to be rephrased in English language.
The inquiry still stands: “Where is the financial assistance and economic boost specifically allocated for businesses owned by black individuals?”
We Buy Black (WBB), working together with SheaMoisture, aims to take the lead in addressing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on black-owned businesses. We plan to achieve this by offering financial assistance in the form of business grants to support the most vulnerable black-owned businesses under the We Buy Black platform, who are at risk of bankruptcy or closure.
We Buy Black, which has a wide audience of more than 1 million, is an incredibly fast-growing community consisting of prosperous black entrepreneurs and businesses. It proudly holds the title of being the biggest online platform where black-owned businesses can sell their products, ranging from everyday necessities to high-end accessories. Additionally, it acts as a hub for valuable content related to black-owned businesses.
Sundial Brands CEO Cara Sabin expressed that their main focus has always been reinvesting in their communities. She emphasized the importance of allocating resources to make progress and address the traumas and injustices that we currently encounter.

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